Transporting and storing expensive bottles of champagne and wine

Of course I am always more than happy to have the chance to enjoy a high quality wine or champagne. It is as you all know my passion to learn more about the beautiful world of wines and champagnes.

At the same time I love to share my knowledge with others as well. Therefore I am building this blog in the first place. But that is not what I am here to talk about.

The thing is that I have come across many people who have little access to the world of champagne and wine. Therefore I am always thinking about new ways to help others get what they want.

But it is all not that easy. Because transporting and storing these bottles can be difficult. And the question I get a lot is how to do that. Well, I have learned that there are some solutions out there that can help us.

In order to find the highest quality solution I knew I have to look for a solution that is originally designed as industrial packaging. This might sound a bit weird, but there are some great solutions that fit this situation perfectly.

Because I usually deal with more that one or two bottles and I want them to be safe from any kind of damages, I decided to use pallet collars with dividers.

A solution that compliments the classic wooden pallet, is highly durable and convenient. You can all learn more about this solution at this site:, where everything you need to know is explained clearly.

I did so and I am now using this solution only. Therefore I have to face no problems while doing what I love to do.

Of course, to get a high quality solution it is important to look for a manufacturer that has the experience and knowledge, just like I did.

I have to say that I am more than happy with the decision I made back then.

It is important because there are several things to consider when carrying bottles of expensive wine and champagne.

Safety being the number one thing to keep in mind I choose to use pallet collar dividers as mention before. Because they separate each bottle in an individual compartment while they are all still in a single package that is easy to transport with a van.

transporting bottlesOf course, because it is made form wood I use some extra protection. Filling each of the compartments with hay before storing bottles in there is all that I need.

And it looks good as well so there is no need to look for extra storing space back at home.

I know that if there is a need to transport one or two bottles there is no need to use this solution.

However when there are more bottles to transport and the distances are greater pallet collars with dividers is just what you need. And I am saying all of this based on my own experience.

Actually, I see this solution as what just might be needed for those who work in the industry. Because this is without a doubt one of the best storage solutions on the market.

And from what I know it seems like pallet collars could significantly change the way bottles of wine and champagne are stored and transported.

If there is ever such a need for you too I suggest you to learn more via the site I attached above. There are some great ways to benefit from this solution and I think that you should do just that. It is important for us to take care of the expensive bottles of wine and champagne.