The Best Solutions for Wine Packing and Transportation

Wine is highly precious cargo, there is a lot of work that goes into making wine so every bottle absolutely counts and has to be protected during packing, storage and transportation. Wineries are already battling things that are out of their control like the weather, insects and even the cork can bring about an issue.

Taking the necessary steps to get the most out of packaging is very important when it comes to reducing risks and saving on costs.

The right packaging solutions makes business flow easier and adds to the productivity of any organization. Packaging should be treated like any other step in the wine making process. It is just as important as any other part of the process and should be treated as such.

Choosing the Packaging

There are three goals that wine packaging should keep in mind:

  1. Reduce risk
  2. Easy to transport
  3. Flexibility

When you are considering which packaging methods would work best for your operation you will likely be exposed to different options but not every option is best to meet the goals that are set forth above. Here are some familiar options that fall short in meeting each of the goals:

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes – boxes are an inexpensive solution BUT they are also not a very reliable solution. Even when cardboard is treated or corrugated it does not hold up well to moisture. All it takes is for something to happen to one of the bottles to lose the entire case. The bottoms fall out when they are used alone.

    Cardboard boxes also are not easy to transport because they can be awkward to lift, stack and move. They are completely inflexible because you can only package what you can package and they do not adjust for different sized loads. Clearly sending out one box at a time is not only expensive but it is wasteful. This option cannot be used alone.

  • Wooden crates – another option that you may be considering is wooden crates. Wooden crates are a safer option than cardboard boxes but they also have their failings that make them less ideal when it comes to reducing risk and ease of transport.The risk is clear with wooden crates, while they may help to better protect the product they are riskier for labor to work with. They have to be constructed which is time consuming for the labor and tools have to be used in the construction. They are awkward, not easy to carry, not easy to stack and typically they too are not really reusable once they have been “broken” open.

The Best Option

There is one option that easily outshines the others; wooden pallets and wooden pallet collars. This simple storage, transportation solution works great because it easily ticks off the list of the goals that are above.


Pallet collars are a unique tool that add the flexibility that you want in your shipping/storage/transportation.

They are a fully height adjustable option that can be the solution that you have been searching for.

Here are some benefits of using this option:

  • Pallet collars add height flexibility to any pallet. You can use a wooden pallet to hold several cases of wine and then add the collars to stack more cases without fear that they will fall over or get damaged during transportation.
  • Flexibility means less costly transportation. When you use pallet collars combined with the pallets you can stop wasting space during the transportation. Because you can construct “boxes” that are built to suit your sized order you can divide the orders more efficiently and arrange your logistics more efficiently. You will be able to make more use out of the space that you have on the transport.
  • Reducing risks with pallet collars is easier. Labor does not have to waste valuable time on putting together these collars, they do not have to use hand tools or other tools to construct them either. They are put together without tools which of course removes the risk of injuries from tools. They also do a better job of protecting the wine from unauthorized entry and from damage during shipping.
  • They make movement easier. Pallets are the leading option for warehouse optimization because they can be easily moved around with just a pallet jack or a forklift. This ease of movement saves on labor costs and also helps to reduce injuries.

Before you make any decisions about how you will ship your wine you should take a look very closely at the packaging options.  Making the right choice is going to reduce your costs, protect your products and protect your labor from unnecessary injuries.

Choose the right solution and make life a lot easier for your business, your labor and yourself!