The Importance of Water for Humans and Animals

Water is the one thing you cannot live without and it is just as important for every other animal on the planet. Survivalist offer the rules of three’s when it comes to what you can live without. You can live 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 hours out in the cold weather without shelter, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. 

The 3 days without water rule only applies if you are in good health. Water helps every single body function stay at top performance:

  • Lungs rely on moisture
  • Your blood volume depends on water
  • Your muscles and bones depend on water
  • Your kidneys, liver, heart
  • Skin, eyes
  • Ability to digest

Every animal is dependent on water to ensure that every part of their body is able to function.

Not Just Any Water

waterHumans and animals are not the only life form that needs water. There are microbes that need water to survive as well, unfortunately, some of the microbes that take up residence in water can be harmful to humans and animals so it is important that FRESH water is always available.

It is not enough that humans and other animals have access to water, they must have access to fresh clean water to avoid serious illness.

Fresh clean water has to be made available to all animals for their very survival. Pets will need access to water at all times, since they cannot voice their needs.

Water that you and your pets should avoid include:

  • Water that has been left out for days
  • Brackish water
  • Water that has not been filtered that comes from a river, creek, lake or other fresh body of water
  • Water that contains salt

Water that has been left out for days can be a breeding ground for any microbes that are present in the water. In some cases there is an indication that the water is tainted because it will feel “slimy” or have a strange odor, in other cases there is no obvious indication that the water is tainted.

Brackish water, is not only unappealing it can be very dangerous and contain parasites that can cause very serious illnesses.

Never drink from a creek, river or lake without treating the water. There can be parasites, microbes and other elements that can make you very sick.

When you consider the other animals that may be drinking from the same water source and defecating in it you can see how there may be things in the water that you do not want to ingest. Filtering or treating this type of water can help to make it safe.

Water that contains salt can be very dangerous and will quickly throw off your homeostasis so it should never be ingested.

It times of Illness

When any animal is ill, including humans more water can help to heal them faster. There are some conditions that can put any body at risk of dehydration and replenishing the water supply in the body can help to improve health conditions.

Of course pets do not have a way to letting you know that they need more water which again, makes it so very important to ensure that they always have a clean supply of fresh clear water available.

Avoiding serious health consequences really comes down to drinking enough water. Fresh, clean water.


The Consequences

Both humans and other animals can find that they suffer health consequences. Some of the consequences can be quickly addressed but some consequences can require medical attention.  Some of the potential problems from not drinking enough water are:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Muscle cramps
  • Kidney problems
  • Heart issues

When you start feeling a little sleepy it could be because you need to drink more water. The experts recommend starting your day with a glass of fresh clear water to give your organs a little jump start. It may sound incredible but you should be drinking up to a gallon of water per day and your pet should have access to just as much.

In times of heavy exercise your body needs more water.

Staying Healthy

For both humans and other animals staying healthy depends on having access to fresh, clean water at all times.