Which is Healthier: Red Wine or White Wine?

We all know that certain foods go with certain wines, and we certainly know what our favorite wines are, but which types of wine can be considered the healthiest? We’ve got the facts and the stats on the Red Vs White debate!

In overall calories Red wines are a little higher than their White counterparts. But don’t jump on that just yet, as a five-ounce glass of Red has one hundred and twenty-five calories which makes it only slightly more than the same amount of White, clocking in at one-hundred and twenty-one. Red wines the loser here, but it’s a hairsbreadth victory for White. [Read more…]

Enjoy the Wine and Other Pleasures On a Boat

Boating is a great way to spend down time and to relax. Everyone feels wealthy when they travel by boat. The best part is that you do not have to be wealthy to really enjoy some time on the water. There is actually quite a few ways that you can afford to enjoy all the little luxuries that life has to offer on a boat. [Read more…]