About me

I believe that for each and every single one of us there is something in this world that we enjoy more than anything else. As we could say, there are these small special things that we love. And for each of us there is a specific passion.

There is no doubt that these specials things are highly important. Mainly because it becomes the reason for us to learn new things. In the end, or lives become so much more beautiful because we start to follow our dreams.

For me these special things are high quality champagne and wine. Two drinks that are more than simple drinks. There is something special about them. I mean, there is a good reason why we can found them on the tables of different celebrations.

charlie-champagnegoldMy name is Charlie and I have been interested in the world of wine and champagne for a long time. And there are many different reasons for that.

For example, for me it is highly interesting that a drink can be related to a culture as strongly as it is. It is not just a lemonade that is made to soothe the thirst of us.

Champagne and wine is there for us to celebrate the life. And that is exactly why I decided to create this blog. You see, I have always believed that we should share our knowledge with others. What is more, we should share our passions!

I will try to do all of that in this blog. I am planning on talking about different many things that are in some way related to the beautiful world of wine and champagne.

And I am more than sure that you will also learn to love these special drinks and everything else that is somehow related to them. See in you in some of the next articles.